About Us

Welcome to PennyMeadow Bonsai, our new business.

My name is John Young and after an RTA in 2016 which ended my career as a Virgin Trains Train Driver! am left registered disabled.I am 55 years old married to Lesley and have a son who recently fledged the nest at 25 years old.

Back in the 1980s I was introduced to the world of Bonsai through Daisy Nook Bonsai club but after my collection was stolen and a baby on the way I concentrated on my other love and passion "fishing " unfortunately the accident has not allowed me to do any fishing and so I have returned to the art of Bonsai.

I am no expert but have loved gardening for over 30 years with Lesley having just as good an artistic eye as I do! We are hoping we can bring you all the supplies you need at a very realistic price and therefore hopefully get this wonderful hobby to reach and spread throughout the working class.

If anyone has any questions just ask.

Regards John and Lesley